Keystone Pantry Organic Tapioca Syrup

Organic Tapioca Syrup is made from tapioca starch. The tapioca starch is reduced to sugar by the use of enzymatic processing.  It can be used as a direct replacement to liquid sucrose or high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS).  Any place that you use HFCS you can use Tapioca syrup. Tapioca syrup has about 85% of the calories and is more readily absorbed than into the blood stream. It also has about 90% of the carbohydrates as compared to liquid sugar.

The color is a light straw color that has been blended to be a 42DE. An essential benefit of using tapioca syrup is that it adds and helps retain moisture in baked products.

The product is USDA National Organic Program certified and Non-GMO Project verified

The product is packed in either pint bottles or 5-gallon pails. The MOQ is 1 case of 15 bottles, or a single pail.