48 Piece Milk Chocolate Dessert Shells

48 Piece Milk Chocolate Dessert Shells

Enjoy 48 milk chocolate dessert shells (bowls) cups with a size of 2.25 inch wide by .75 inch tall. They feature a scalloped edge to add a level of elegance to your dessert.  These shells are known by many names: chocolate tart shells, shell bowls, and fluted shells. But how know them is they are delicious. They ready to be filled with your imagination. 

The packed in 4 boxes of 12 shells each, 48 shells in total of dairy-free milk chocolate.

The shells are made to provide an elegant, rimmed plate for serving a dessert that is expected to be eaten quickly if it is meltable. It is not designed to contain ounces of a flowing or melted liquid. At 2.25 inch across they will hold a scope of ice cream or sorbet for serving.

Often, they are used to old a square of brownie, cake, or similar item that has then been decorated with a fruit or frozen dessert. We have used them to hold a scope of mint ice cream with a mint leaf and some raspberries on top.

This special box of cups is designed to better survive the rigors of shipping chocolates, from dropping, melting and breakage. While no package is perfect, our specially designed combination of a foam cooler, interior packing biodegradable peanuts, boxed trays and frozen gel packs work to getter to protect the chocolates.

Ingredients:  Milk Chocolate (sugar, milk, cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, soy lecithin, vanillin (an artificial flavor)). 


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