Keystone Pantry Keto Shaved Ice Syrup Grape Zero Net Carbs 2 pack

Zero Net Carbs Keto and Diabetic Friendly Flavored Ice Syrup

Keystone Pantry Keto Shaved Ice Syrup Grape 1 pint bottle (2 pk)
Diabetic Friendly Keto Friendly Certified Kosher- Pareve (Kof-K)
Zero Net Carbs Gluten Free Dairy Free Nut Free
Sweetened with natural Allulose, No Added Sugar
Nothing says summer fun like going to the festival for a snow cone, but all of the carbs and calories in snow cones, Hawaiian ice, and shaved ice syrups can leave you feeling guilty. Don’t Worry Keystone Pantry Keto Shaved ice syrup is here to satisfy your sweet treat without breaking your diet. Serving suggestions is 1fl oz per serving, but with zero net carbs and 4 calories go ahead and enjoy a second or third.
Keystone Pantry Keto Shaved Ice Syrup is so good you will enjoy it for birthdays, graduation parties, cocktail hours and other fun get togethers. It’s so good you will invent reasons to get together to enjoy it! Each flavor is made with the finest ingredients and bottled at its manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania.
Our Keto syrups are made with Allulose, a natural rare sugar that is not absorbed by the body. Syrups do not contain: flour, starch, egg products, soy or wheat.

Ingredients: Water, Allulose, Citric Acid, Natural Flavoring, Neotame
16 Servings Per Container


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